Top tips to sell your property in a day

End house selling blues and delays. Fast track your house move, with out top expert help

There has never been, an easier time for selling property, than now. Is that the position? In London perhaps. Potential buyers, scramble for a property. There is an average of between 6 and 10 buyers after every home on the market. Other parts of the country, however aren’t so popular and aren’t a sellers market. Below, are our expert tips, to enhance your chances of selling a property within 24 hours. For a cash offer or further advice please check their homepage at Ready Steady Sell (TM)

1 Staging your property for a quick sale

Your home, is your castle, and the hub of the family. Serious attention, is necessary to present a property, in such a way to impress your viewer, to result hopefully, in a sale. There is little point in having, cluttered rooms, filled with family photographs, that distract and achieve uninterested responses from potential buyers. All viewers, need to visualise living there themselves. The property, must give a ‘wow’ feeling, when the potential buyer steps over the threshold. It may prove beneficial to get advice from a home-staging firm, such as Housewow ( Suggestions, may include to further ‘stage’ the property,making sure carpets have been deep cleaned, work surfaces are free from clutter. A finishing touch, could be a display of fresh flowers suitably placed and maybe hiring furniture to impress and enhance rooms.

2 Always be ready

Graham Scott, director of House-Move has stated ‘A vendor who is prepared to have viewings at short notice, and to keep their home in a suitable state is definitely preferable’ This company, have sold numerous properties quickly. A bungalow was put up for sale at the close of day, had viewings, and it was sold within three hours for the full asking price. Research, should be carried out to check out the agent and brochures, should be scanned for spelling mistakes, errors can hinder sales. Research, shows that sales brochures that are correct, without errors or any mistakes of any kind can sell houses, more quickly. The end of the week, is considered the time when house hunters, plan their viewing schedules, so a Friday listing is profitable. You need to have your house, near the top of the property search engines, to gain house hunters attention.

3 Resist the highest valuation

Do not be swayed, by an agent who says that your property is worth more than other rival firms have suggested. Keep your feet firmly on the ground, and don’t fall for a company with unrealistic aims for selling your property. The highest price is always tempting. Advisor say choosing an agent, who has sold similar property in the area is recommended.

4 Let it be news

Spread the word, tell shopkeepers, friends, neighbours, when you have decided to sell your property. Include media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter. Use, these to your advantage, as they are a free vehicle to drum up interest in your property.

5 Examples of playing hard to get

A North London agent, needed to sell property in Hampstead on a prime site. They advertised the property in the media and turned down viewings. The owner, announced he wanted to make improvements, before the sale. This created an outstanding level of interest in the property. The plan, cunningly thought through, achieved a substantial record price for the property and insatiable sale interest.

6 Pack up your belongings before you’ve sold

Before photos of your property are taken, family snaps and clutter should be removed. Potential buyers, must have a clear canvas to visualise your house as their future home. It is ideal to try and look through the eyes of a potential purchaser.

7 A conservation area

Buying a property in a conservation area, is a solid guarantee, that property value isn’t going to go down. An example of this is an apartment in Exeter, which sold in a day for £150,000. The agents, sold another listed property in Exeter within 48 hours, without it even being viewed by the buyers.

8 Trim back

Cut back bushes, and sprawling ivy type creepers, which maybe blocking out the light and obscuring the house. A large tree close to the house raises questions, concerning foundation-wobble and subsidence for potential buyers. They might be wary of cost implications for expensive surveys, may need to be carried out. Experts, advise removing all vegetation you reasonably can, suggested by a reputable estate agent.

9 Extra rooms

Providing an extra room, not another wing to the house, can add to a sale. A strategically placed boot room for instance, for potential buyers, who have muddy dogs or children. Don’t forget, to light up a log burner in winter. This will set a charming winter scene, and piles of chopped wood, can add to this. In the garden, outdoor tree houses, are a winner. These added extras may sell your property.

10 Sort out your deeds

Your house deeds, need to be at hand, if you are selling your property. It is the wrong time to start searching for them, when your solicitor, has a buyer on the phone wanting to complete a sale. Delays in the legal process, are common reasons for properties, not selling, delays unnerve potential buyers, and time to rethink a sale. If you have, extended your property, have planning consents to hand as well.

11 Space

Create, family areas wherever possible. Dead rooms, or rooms without purpose, are a turn off. Make sure, neglected rooms are perhaps changed into another living room.

12 Tenants who need evicting

Jamie Lester of  Tyneside properties, told one of his clients, that the best way to sell her house was to evict the tenant, do a few repairs, including repainting. Making the property appeal to a family, or first time buyer. The property sold, with the desired asking price.

13 Keep up to date

Keep up to date, with the selling process, Send e-mails, to estate agents, solicitors and surveyors. Whoever, is involved, keep them on their toes. Wherever your location, Whatever property you are selling. Your property is critical. Always be professional, on time, and most of all, don’t dither, be punctual and to the point, acting responsibly. If these selling tactics are used, I’m sure a sale will follow.

The legal aspects of a house sale – house sale tips

Before achieving a house sale, there are several steps that need to be highlighted. Firstly you need to list your house that’s going up for sale, prepare your home for viewings, then hopefully sell your property. Once this offer has been accepted, you can move on and find a new dream home, or rent a property in the meantime. The legal process, needs tackling with all its complexities, twists and turns, and is a complex factor in the selling process, which could be filled with problems. Expert guidance during this process of the sale is essential. The legal framework, protects both the seller, and the buyer. You are in the hands of your legal representative or conveyancer. It is a good idea, to be tuned in to the actual process yourself, to follow your sale and review its progress.


Choosing your legal representative

Looking through a phone directory, is an illustration of how many solicitors and conveyancers there are, waiting for your business. it is a lucky dip, to find an expert that will act on your behalf and be the right person to represent you. Here are a few pointers to choosing the right representative.

* Seek at least three quotes before making a decision

* Tell your solicitor or conveyancer in advance, that you want regular updates, and agree on a target closing date.

* Check the details of every quote you receive, very carefully , they can include different services and criteria.

* Ask friends and relatives for recommendations based on experience.

* Some estate agents will recommend solicitors and conveyancers they have worked with in the past, so seek their advice.

* Look out for conveyancers who are offering no deal, no fee options. This will mean, you are not left out of pocket, if the house sale collapses through no fault of your own.

* Clarify all aspects of the service being offered and ask questions before you reach an agreement.

Necessary information for the conveyancer

The legal experts, witness and deal with house sales on a daily basis, they are your representatives. At the start of the legal proceedings, your will need to provide information, which must be accurate and up to date.

* A complete list of all fixtures and fittings and furniture that are included in the sale.

* Your official I.D. and other basic information, such as your mortgage roll number.

* Information about your home, including boundaries, any previous disputes and which areas of land you own.

To Complete the sale

The sale of the house is completed, when an exchange of contracts is completed. A buyer, can’t bypass or pull out of the sale without losing the substantial deposit. Each party, both the seller and the buyer, will normally have their own legal representatives, who will work together on their behalf, to complete the exchange process. The completion date is generally set for two weeks, after the contracts have been exchanged. Once the buyer’s funds have been transferred, that is the end and the legal process has been completed. The keys are handed over to the new owner. In Scotland, the system of completion works in a different way. The seller, must advertise a guide price, and buyers submit bids and completion dates. The offer is accepted, but with monetary penalties if the potential buyer pulls out before completion. property buyers, looking for property in the UK don’t always have a mortgage in place, so it is more of a risky business, and breakdowns before completion is higher than in Scotland with its penalty forfeit system. Experts are there to help, with their advice and expertise, there shouldn’t be many problems.